Friday, 7 September 2012

My screenshots from the game*____*

And thank you very much for the gorgeous Alice Liddell Sasha Grey * - *

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  1. Pretty pics! Those models and their poses are so cute!

    I'll tell you, I love Sims screenshots, like those too. I make some, but I didn't post some yet (and I usually post them in DeviantArt). But I love pictures like those.

    Let me tell you one more thing.
    I'm in love with you PERFECT country flag pictures above. I'm from Brazil, and yes, I love Russia very, very much. (I have tried to learn alone Russian. And I love your accent. Yes, for me, far away from there, I think it's beautiful. And unfortunatelly here, schools of Russian language ar very rare).

    Well, what a history here. hahaha Sorry.
    Today I'm looking for some stuff and work to download for my game, and I dropped here, after looking nother Russian-Sites-With- TS3 stuff haha and to finish my comments, just beautiful-Russian work.

    I hope you can post more of your creations in the future, I will be so happy.

    Bye :D